Sunday, May 23, 2010

It Is All About Bennett

Today is Bennett's 3rd birthday! It is hard to believe my little girl is already 3. She has been a blessing to us, and I am so lucky to have a beautiful, loving little girl who loves life! Since we elected to not have a birthday party that included her friends, and Steve has been traveling quite a bit this month, we decided to do something different. Each of us chose something to do alone with her.

Friday, Steve took Bennett to see the new Shrek movie after school. She was so excited, and did great for the first 45 minutes. However he thinks she got scared, or grew bored because shortly thereafter she wanted to leave. He called me and I was able to talk her into staying. But after 15 more minutes, there was nothing he could do, so they headed home early.

Saturday morning I took Bennett to get her first manicure and pedicure. She got to choose the color, a light lavender, and sit in her own chair. She did great, and sat very still for the lady. She even sat under the dryers to let her polish dry. Unfortunately, after a hard day of playing outside and swimming in her baby pool, she lost the polish off of three of her finger nails (how does that happen so easily anyway?).

But today is her actual birthday, and all of the family (that live here) came over for dinner and cake. We started off playing in the yard, but when the humidity got to us, we came in to eat a typical summer dinner: burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, tomato with mozzarella and basil, and chips. However, in typical Bennett fashion, she negotiated to open one present before dinner. Of course she chose the largest one, and had Christian help her open it. It was a water/sand table for outside, which she and Pres already love (thank you Louis, Michelle and kids).

After dinner, she opened the rest, and she loved them all! She got wonderful gifts (a camera, 4 DVDs, dress-up clothes and shoes, books, a tea set and money)! Thanks to all of our family for loving our little princess. She is so lucky to have such a caring family that does so much for her.

We ended the night with birthday cake. She spotted a princess-themed cake in Publix over a month ago, but it didn't feed enough people, and the next size up fed too many people, so we compromised. I let Bennett have her own small cake, and she chose the colors (pink and purple), and then we ordered another cake for the guests. The small cake worked out well since she and the rest of the little ones were licking the icing and she was eating the cake with her hands (rather than a fork).

After everyone left, she watched part of a new DVD and then hit the hay. Her eyes were rolling back as she was saying her prayers, so I know she was pooped (which is a sign of a good time)! Thanks again to everyone who made it to her party and who have given her hugs and kisses throughout her life. You have helped her thrive and become the 3 year old that she is today!

Happy Birthday Bennett!! We love you with all of our hearts.


Mary Michael said...

Happy Birthday B!!

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Bennett! Looks like quite a celebration!

Jules - I see you've joined the ranks and have a kid paraphernalia-filled yard like the rest of us. Looks like a fun one!

Frederick family said...

Can't believe she is already 3!! What a fun celebration! You are so blessed to have family so close to share these special times. Happy Birthday to Bennett! XO Betsy