Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sofa Fort

The past couple of days the kids have had so much energy to burn before bedtime, that I have had to get creative so they don't destroy my house. I built them a sofa fort the other night and it was a hit. The first time they just played inside and jumped on the sofa cushions, but tonight they stepped it up a notch.

I was in the kitchen washing dishes, and when I came around the corner, this is what I saw....both of them on top of the cushion roof. I kept waiting for it to collapse, but it didn't. Then they started diving off the top (as seen below)....

So am I bad parent to let me them do this? They were sweating from playing so hard, and Pres passed out within minutes, so I guess it worked. Does that make it okay?


Kelley said...

We do that alot--- as a kid we always used bar stool and fitted sheets, they work well too!

The Banta's said...

Christian and Henley do the same thing all the time! If entertains them for awhile so you can get something done...why not! Looks to me like they were having fun!