Saturday, May 8, 2010

"You're My Best Friend"

Lately Bennett has started telling people that they are her friends. The first time she told me that I was her "best friend" I felt so special, until I heard her say that about one of her classmates, then her father, then a neighbor friend....all in the same day. However, it was pretty cute when she kept telling her cousin, Henley, that she was her best friend over and over this weekend.

My niece (and god-daughter) was dropped off at 8am on Thursday for two days while Brian and Shannon went to a wedding. Since I can count on one hand how many times she has let me hold her without crying, I was hoping it would go smoothly. Thankfully it did, and we all had so much fun! I saw a completely different side of her (talkative, laughing, and slightly independent). She immediately took to me and Bennett, and had more of a competitive relationship with Preston (Steve was out of town for part of her stay, so she wasn't quite sure about him).

Bennett was so helpful, and really enjoyed doting on her as if she was her mommy. She kept taking her hand when she wanted Henley to come with her, and would talk to her in a "baby voice" (much like I do to her and Pres). When I dropped my kids off at school on Friday, Bennett told Henley "good-bye," and then gave her a kiss as soon as she got back in the car that afternoon. The girls shared a room and it worked out well. They both sleep so heavy that neither of them were awakened by the other.

This morning, Henley woke up almost 2 hours before Bennett and was forced to play with just Preston. She wasn't happy, and really didn't talk or do much. But as soon as Bennett jumped off the last stair, Henley had a smile on her face. Bennett walked right up to her and said "Hi Henley" and gave her a hug, and Henley reciprocated. It was so stinking cute! We decided to venture out for breakfast this morning and went to support the local boy scouts for their annual garage sale and pancake breakfast at our church.
When we got home, all three kids got their suits on and we headed out for a dip in the baby pool. It was our first time bringing it out this year, and it was definitely a hit with my kids. Henley was a little more timid, and barely got her toes wet.

When the pool got boring, the kids would take turns playing on the swingset. We even got the sprinkler out for them to run through, though they didn't quite get the hang of it. I had to run through with them. After a couple more times, I expect they will be running through and sliding around in the grass. I think we have a fun summer ahead of us!

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