Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun in the Sun with Friends

This weekend I was lucky enough to escape to the beach for a long weekend with my girlfriends. It was a special treat to enjoy the beautiful area before the oil really destroys the white beaches, the crystal clear water and all of the wildlife that lives in and on the water. Thanks to my friend Mary Michael for extending the invitation to a group of us!

We started our adventure early Friday morning, so we could pack as much sun and fun into the weekend as possible. After hitting the grocery and liquor store, we were ready! We were staying in Mary Michael's sister's home on the bay near Orange Beach. Due to the oil, they have closed many of the passes from the ocean so we were able to swim and enjoy the warm water. It is sad though, because fewer boats are out and everyone is canceling their trips to our gorgeous beaches because of oil that hasn't even hit most of it yet. This disaster is costing the gulf shore billions of dollars, not including the lasting damage it will have over the next several years cleaning it up and building it back to the beautiful place it is.

With that said, we did go out on a boat Saturday (within the bay) to a little sandbar and to eat lunch. While we were there, we saw a boat of a local worker that had oil all over the boat, and a huge tarp inside that was also covered in oil. I think the reality of this mess really sunk in when we saw that....very sad.

Friday night, we went out for a couple of cocktails and dinner. A couple of us (clear your enjoyed the day a little too much and didn't recall the whole evening due to a failure in memory. It started off fun, with our group going to a little dive bar named Pirate's Cove. It was all outside overlooking the water, and it had about 10 dogs that were running wild throughout the place. Being the dog lover I am, I was petting them all, and even picked up the one-eyed Chihuahua, Paco and was carrying him around.....UNTIL one of waitresses told me he had fleas. I dropped him like a sack of potatoes and was like "thanks a lot." I immediately freaked out, and we left. Who wants to eat at a place that has dirty dogs with fleas running in and out of the kitchen??

So we drove to Orange Beach and went to Lulu's (thanks to our designated drive, Mary Michael). This is where it started to get a little fuzzy for me. Evidently the electricity was out and the place was running on generators. On top of that, it was a Friday night and it was PACKED! We waited for a long time for a table, and didn't end up eating until 9:30! For us moms who are now accustomed to feeding our kids early dinners, we were ready to gnaw our arms off! As soon as we ate, we left and headed home.

The following morning we enjoyed breakfast and mimosas at home, and then packed a cooler for our boat ride. Lucky for us, the neighbor was eager to drive us around for a few hours, so we took in the scenery and relaxed. Saturday night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner (shrimp and grits and a yummy salad) at home. We stayed up late sharing stories and laughing....too much fun!

Sunday, we had another great breakfast and then enjoyed the sun and peaceful bay with a book before heading back to Birmingham mid afternoon. Staying those extra hours really made the weekend feel longer, and when I got back I actually felt RELAXED! Thanks girls for a great weekend!
And thank you Steve for taking great care of our kids, our dog and our house, and for telling me that you appreciate how I do it meant the world to me!

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Mary Michael said...

I had a such a blast this weekend. The funniest part was Staurday nights topic. Somehow it didn't surprise Ash that you and I seemed to be the open books of the conversation! :) And I do believe it was great for our marriages too. The minute I got home, Ash expressed how much he appreciates all I do everyday. He said that he stayed so busy he wasn't even able to take a shower until Lucy went to bed...sound familiar anyone!!??? LOL