Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!

What a gorgeous long weekend we had here in Birmingham! For the first time in weeks, the humidity wasn't ridiculous, and I could actually be outside for a short bit without sweating. I was able to walk everyday with Spencer and Preston (Bennett stayed behind with Steve two of the days), hang with my family all weekend and spend some time with friends.

Friday night we kicked off our weekend with a yummy dinner at Dave's Pizza (one of my favorite pizza places) with a group of friends and all of our kiddos! We sat outside on their patio and let the kids run wild. We made it an early night because we made last minute plans to go to a nearby lake with some friends the following day.

Saturday I awoke bright and early and got my walk in before we packed our cooler and snacks and drove to Highland Lake. It was a short 45 minute drive and the kids had a ball with their buddies. There was a great set-up with a large pool for the kids, and the lake for the adults. Our hosts, Brian and Shanon Jarmon, provided a feast for us with all of the typical holiday fare: ribs, chicken, burgers, hotdogs, baked beans, slaw and watermelon! We each brought something to share too, so you can imagine how stuffed we were!

The kids had a blast splashing around in the pool, chasing bubbles and fishing. And the adults had fun talking and jumping off the dock like teenagers! Typically both of our kids take an afternoon nap, but it took us awhile to get Preston settled, and Bennett didn't want to miss out on any of the fun (she was the youngest of the girls there), so she skipped her nap. We knew a meltdown was inevitable, but we let her hang in there as long as she could. After Pres awoke and took a toy that she was playing with and she had a come apart, we knew it was time to hit the road. She fell asleep within minutes and slept until we woke her up to eat dinner and shower. Then she asked to go to bed at 7:15....and she slept until 6:45 (should I be revamping my routine for results like this?). Since we put Preston down on time, Steve and I were able to hop in bed before 9pm and get a wonderful night of sleep (which we needed)!

On the 4th, we had some friends over to eat and then we walked up into town to watch the fireworks. Of course we ran into more friends, so we all sat together! Downtown Homewood has one of the best views of Birmingham's fireworks, and this was the first year that we were in town to take our kids. Initially Bennett was a little scared, but once she got past the sound and focused on the beauty in the sky...she was fine. It also helped that one of other moms brought glow sticks for all of the little ones! Preston grew bored within a few minutes, and decided that running around the parking lot like a banshee was much more fun. He must have been delirious, because he usually isn't even awake at 9pm, let alone happy and running crazy! He is funny little boy...always running everywhere he goes, jumping off curbs and making silly faces. He puts a smile on our faces everyday with his antics.
Today was much more relaxing....another walk for me, some pool time as a family and then we all took naps. It was a nice relaxing way to wrap up the weekend! Aren't we blessed!

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Alisha said...

Looks like a TON of summer fun!

I could never get that format down, staggering the pictures and the text. It looks really nice!