Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Avalon 2010!

For the past 7 years, our family has been returning to Avalon, NJ to visit my cousins and aunt and uncle. We used to come out with our parents when we were little kids and rent a house with all of them, and it provided a lot of fun memories. We did this for probably 8 years, but when my cousins started college, and started working, we stopped the trips. Then my eldest cousin, Debbie, bought a house in Avalon 10 years ago, she hosted their family some, and then my brother and I a couple of years later. We had such a great time, and decided we needed to do it again.

The following summer, my parents came out too so we rented a little home nearby. We stayed for 4-5 days, ate a lot of good food, enjoyed a couple of the local bars and went back to work. When Brian and I started dating Steve and Shannon, they even made the trip out with us a couple of times before we got married. This summer was our 7th year, and our trips have grown from a few days to a full week, and we have grown from 16 people to 22 people now! Wow have things changed!

Once again we had lovely weather for the week and Debbie Forrey was a gracious host (thanks Deb!). We consumed way too many calories, and drank too many adult beverages! Since it has been a hot summer up north, the water was actually warm enough for us southerners to enjoy. In fact, Preston and Bennett LOVED the beach! Pres jumped in the waves, and had a blast playing on the beach by himself. The only traumatizing thing to happen to him were the darn seagulls snatching crackers RIGHT out of his little hand. All of that flapping right near his face scared the beejesus out of him! So whenever he was eating something, he had to sit on one of our laps so we could swat the birds away.

Bennett, on the other hand, had fun playing baseball with all of her cousins, building and destroying sand castles, finding seashells, and hunting for crabs. She hated leaving the beach, but was always exhausted and willing to take naps once she was back at the house. We were way off schedule with the kids sleeping, but it worked for the week.

Enjoy the photos of another wonderful vacation with my family! I love you all so much and thank you for fabulous memories! There are a lot of photos, but there were too many good ones to choose from, and if I made a video, I wouldn't be able to relive it when I get this blog printed into a book.

My parents with their grandchildren.

The guys that surfed (or tried to get up)!

Preston hiding for cover from those darn seagulls!

One of the best pictures of the week in my opinion is this darling one of Bennett & Christian hugging...just love the look on their faces and that sincere hug. (thanks Shannon for capturing it!)

My son is CRAZY (with a capital C)! He loves his Poppy and the rough housing that went on for the two weeks with him.


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