Monday, July 26, 2010

Can It Really Be 20 Years Already?

It is hard to believe that I graduated from Woodruff High School 20 years ago! Time has flown by, and after missing my first two reunions, I made it a priority to attend this one. We had to cut out of our Avalon trip a day early, but it was worth it.

Friday night they planned a casual evening at Kouri's Pub for everyone. We stayed way too late (1am), but had fun catching up. It was a perfect way for Steve to meet a few folks so he wouldn't be a complete stranger on Saturday.

Saturday, we were invited to tour Woodruff with our families. It would have been great to relive some of the memories and get one more peak inside our alma mater that sadly closed its doors this Spring. But unfortunately, we were so tired, that we slept through it (we alternated our naps that day so we could make it Saturday night).

Saturday night, our class met at Jonah's for a light dinner and more drinks. The casual atmosphere was perfect for picture taking, so we had many group photos: Hines Grade School graduates, Von Stuben Grade School graduates, the Girl Scouts from Hines, class of '90 girls, and of course the class of '90. It was a lot of fun for me to hear what everyone has been up to these past 20 years. Though it was Steve's first time meeting these folks, he did great mingling and taking lots of photos.

Our next reunion will be our 25th, and I offered to help from afar. So until then...this little slideshow will have to do.

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