Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peoria Trip....continued

During our stay in Peoria, I walked almost every morning with the kids and Spencer. Since I have early risers, I just loaded them up in their PJs and hit the road. We walked several miles and took in the scenery each morning. We started our walk on Grand View Drive (which my parents think is "the most beautiful drive in the world"). It overlooks the Illinois River and is quite pretty as the sun is rising.

We tried to have an activity for the kids each day, which ranged from going to the pool, visiting the zoo, going to the park, touring the local fire station and even a playdate with a friend who has children the same ages. I think the kids had a great time visiting their Nene and Poppy in my old stomping zone.

Though the kids don't look too happy in this photo....they loved visiting the firestation. Preston is entralled with trucks of any kind and size. Before we left Birmingham, a firetruck drove past our house and honked the horn and the firemen waved at him, which made his day. He talks about trucks all the time, but for some reason he was scared to climb in or on this firetruck.
Anyway, we left Peoria this past Saturday to head to New Jersey for our annual family reunion. More to come on that soon!

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Chelsea said...

Love Bennett's facial expression at breakfast. So silly! I'm so sad I missed you in Peoria. I would have loved to catch up with you and the girls. We'll have to figure something out for the future. Maybe a girl's trip??