Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good-Bye Maria

Tonight all of the Mizeranys got together to wish Maria farewell. She is departing for her freshman year of college Saturday, and we will all miss her. However, everyone seems to be quite pleased with her choice....University of Alabama. Of course, Tuscaloosa is only a short hour drive, but I think she will be so excited to take in her new surroundings (and with football season fast approaching), I doubt she'll make it back very often during the Fall.

I am excited to hear all about her first week away because she is going through sorority rush. Who knows what she will pledge, but I am just thrilled to hear about her experiences and her final choice! I know she will love the next four years of her life, and I hope that she is lucky enough to make lifelong friends like I did.

We'll miss you Maria.....we love you!

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