Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Christian!

Yesterday morning we attended Christian's 4th birthday party! It was a spiderman theme, and they rented a huge waterslide for the kids. Shannon made this cake herself (pretty impressive, huh?). It took Christian a few tried to blow out his candles, but he did it, and then we all got to enjoy a big piece with some ice cream.

The waterslide was a big hit for the day! All of the kids went up and down that thing a hundred times, even Preston got a piece of the action.

I think what the kids enjoyed the most though was going down in large groups with one of the adults. Brian was the life of the party with all of the kids jumping on his back and riding him down the slide! I think at one point he had about 6 kids on top of him. Then they would all splash into the small pool at the bottom.

Happy Birthday Christian! I wish you another wonderful year (and all of the presents that you desire). We love you!

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