Friday, August 27, 2010

Poopy Talk

While we were in Avalon, Bennett started using words in a way that we didn't approve. She was calling people "poopy heads" or some other form in a derogatory manner. I was so annoyed and talked to my cousin Debbie about it. She mentioned that her three boys went through the same phase, so she told them they could use that language in the bathroom only.

I thought it was a great idea, so we implemented that when we got home. Since then Bennett has done better, and really has had much better control over the "bad words." However, whenever she is in the bathroom going poopy, she takes FULL advantage of the rules and uses the words any way that she can. Tonight before bed, she had to use the restroom, and since she likes complete privacy, the door was closed. She began singing the "poopy song" so I went to get the recorder. I hope you can hear her...

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courtney said...

Yep, we went through the same thing with Lawson this summer. After some serious talks and time-out, he's over it now. He does his poopy talk occasionally, but it's usually with a sly glance waiting to see if he'll get into trouble! Very cute "poopy" song!