Friday, August 6, 2010

Splash Pad!

As the summer wraps up, the days get long trying to decide what to do with the kids since mine don't start school until September! This has become even more difficult since it has been over a 100 degrees for the past two weeks and the pool partially closes this weekend, and all of the camps have ended. Since the lifeguards all return to school, the pool won't open until 3:00, which doesn't serve us well since my kids nap until 4:30, and then we eat about an hour later.

Since I am still trying to work part-time, I have enrolled the kids in "Camp Mizerany." Twice a week the kids go over and play at their grandparent's house. I've been told to bring swimsuits and old clothes that I don't care about them ruining. It has been great for the kids. They go straight out to their backyard and play with all of the old trucks and riding toys, and swim in the baby pool. They are very busy over there, and always come home WORN OUT! It works great for me too because I have a quiet house to work in, and then the kids take great naps once I bring them home. Seeing their grandparents for several hours twice a week has been nice for them too since we were away most of July.

On the days where the kids don't go there, I have been trying to keep busy with playdates, and other fun things. Today we drove 10 miles north of Birmingham to Gardendale to try out this splash pad that I have been hearing so much about. I was quite surprised to see this place. It is a huge fenced in area with several pavilions (for the parents), a playground and a large area with a variety of water spouts and toys. The kids had a big time running around and trying everything out. We met other moms and their kids from this mom's club I'm in too, so Bennett had fun with one of her classmates, Audrey. They were holding hands and doing everything together. After lunch, the kids decorated cookies...which turned into a messy activity for the moms, but the children loved it. It was such a nice, different way to spend a few hours. I mainly sat in the shade watching them from afar, and then we had a picnic lunch and then they played more!

We'll definitely be heading back there some more since it is so close, and FREE (one of my favorite things)!

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