Sunday, August 8, 2010


Usually Sundays are lazy days for us....drink coffee, read the paper, attend church, eat lunch, nap, etc. However today, we decided to go to lunch with some friends after church. We tried to go to a couple of places, but due to one being closed, and the other's long wait...we ended up at a great place, but one that was nicer than where we would typically go with our children.

Thankfully we were seated right away, but Preston didn't last long in his highchair before he wanted down. He sat through a two hour lunch (yes a full TWO hours), didn't eat a bite, and just wanted down from his highchair the entire time. So after I finished lunch, I walked him down the block to the local firehouse to see the trucks up close and personal. Preston is infatuated with firetrucks (really any kind of truck), but he has no desire to get inside of them, just point and look.

Initially we stood outside and looked at them, and he posed for a couple of photos. But before I knew it, everyone joined us and all of the kids were there to check out the trucks. Thankfully everyone had full bellies and were in much better moods, despite the 100 degree temperatures, so we took a few pictures while they climbed around. As always, the fireman on duty was friendly and let us check everything out.

It was a fun morning, and everyone had a good time (except Pres when we told him we were leaving). Of course, he fell asleep on the way home, and took a good long nap while Steve and I got some things done around the house.

Another good weekend comes to an end.....

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Mary Michael said...

Not only am I impressed that y'alls kids did so well at Dyrons but I am jealous of the Bloody Mary's consumed! :)