Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deep and Wide

Yesterday our church kicked off their Wednesday night suppers again which will run through May. In addition to grabbing an inexpensive dinner with your friends, you can participate in one of the many activities that our church provides. This year Bennett is old enough to participate in the children's choir, and she had her first meeting last night. I plan to participate in a group called "Praying Moms," but it doesn't start until next week. Unfortunately, Preston is too young for anything, so he'll hang out in the nursery for 45 minutes after dinner with his other buddies. Since Steve is traveling so much, he elected to not join a formal study, but he may have a prayer group of his own with a few of the other dads waiting on their kids in choir.

When we got home from our first night back, I was playing with the kids. Bennett was doing a puzzle, and then she started singing some song I hadn't heard before. I asked her where she learned it, and she said at church. After sending an email to her new choir teacher, I learned that it's a short song called "Deep and Wide." It only has a few lines, but evidently it is quite catchy for the little ones because they have motions that go along with it too. Though our little girl doesn't have the best voice (bless her little heart), she loves to sing, and I think she will really enjoy children's choir.

The teachers don't allow you to watch them practice, but they put on two "shows" a year, so I will just have to wait until one of those! Don't worry....I will get it all on video and upload here for you all to see.

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Lisa said...

Is it . ..
deep and wide
deep and wide
there's a fountain flowing deep and wide???