Sunday, September 19, 2010

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Today we are celebrating Preston's 2nd birthday with family. So Julie and I started our day dividing up duties detailed out on one of her famous "to-do" lists. I set out to cut the grass around 8:30 this morning. After completing "Steve Task #1" Jules informed me that Preston fell off the bed while playing with Bennett. He has taken many spills over the past year and a half, but this one was different. He kept holding his left arm and cried if we touched it. Soon it became apparent that our day was not going to go as planned. We called the doctor's office and they just sent us on to the Children's Hospital ER. Since Daddy handles tears and hurt kids better than Mommy, and since Daddy is slightly more patient than Mommy, I soon set off to the ER. Pres was so tired from the whole ordeal that he fell asleep on the way to the ER. I carried him into the waiting room and registered without even a stir. Fortunately, Pres and I beat the Sunday ER rush and were inside a room, talking to a nurse within an hour (Pres still asleep).

Within another half hour, we were back in X-ray and not only was Pres awake, he was pitching a complete fit. I don't know how many people have tried to get a two year old to hold still for a stranger to x-ray their arm, but let me tell you it isn't fun. The x-ray tech had to recruit a nurse for back up so we could hold him down. We finally finished with the x-rays and Daddy quickly bribed him with a CapriSun and Dum-Dums to calm him down.

Unfortunately, it turns out our little guy has a broken arm (a buckle fracture for you medical types)...and of all the days for this to happen! Unfortunately, we were not able to see an orthopedic today so the doctor put a splint and a sling on the birthday boy and sent us on our way. After he got his splint, Pres got another Dum-Dum and was in a much better mood. He was sure to say bye-bye to all the nurses and point out to them that his sucker was orange. They rewarded him with some Thomas the Train stickers and we were on our way back home. He will have to return later this week to see an orthopedic and will probably be in a cast for 4 to 6 weeks...bummer. Oh well, back to that list. Let the festivities begin!!


Chelsea said...

Poor little guy! Good thing kids are so resilient. I can't believe he fell sleep in the ER. I can only imagine how fired up he was when he woke and figured out what was going on. He does look pretty cute in his little cast though!

Steve is blogging now!? LOVE it! ha! hmmmm, maybe I can get Dayven to do a few posts..

Chelsea said...

Another thought - When they finally cut the cast off, ask them to do it really carefully so you can save it. We saved Wyatt's little leg cast from when he was 6 weeks old and it's so tiny. We love looking at it.

Kelley said...

Bless him!!! We've been there-- Hudson was in a leg cast from foot to diaper at 18 mos for two fractures in his leg, he fell off the BOTTOM step!! I totally agree w/ keeping the cast and also take lots of suckers and surprises to keep him occupied while they cast it and cut it off---- It sounds like poor Preston had the same drama that Hudson had with the xray and such. Update again soon!