Monday, September 20, 2010

Preston's Birthday Party!

Though Sunday morning started off more chaotic than we could imagine, we still had a great birthday party for our baby boy! We invited family over, and had a casual dinner and a few cocktails. While we talked, the kids all ran around and entertained each other.

When we sang "Happy Birthday" to Pres, he got a little shy and embarrassed, but he liked "blowing" out the candles with some help from Bennett. After cake, Preston (with more help from his big sister) opened his gifts and then we watched the past year of his life condensed into a 13 minute video. I believe all of Preston's relatives know him well because all of his gifts revolved around trucks, trains and money (his three favorite things at the moment)! Thank you everyone for sacrificing some of your Sunday night to spend time with our special 2 year old. It meant a lot to him, and even more to us!

Thank you everyone for loving Preston so much, and doing all that you do for all of us. We love you!

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