Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Boys!

Saturday night we had a wonderful Lebanese dinner at the Mizerany's in honor of the three Mizerany men who celebrated birthdays this month: Big Lou, Louis and Steve. Since everyone has been so busy, we

were unable to find a date until this weekend. In typical Myra fashion, she made each man their own birthday cake: Steve got a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, Louis got a mandarin orange cake with a light pineapple flavored icing, and Big Lou got his favorite yellow cake with chocolate icing! Needless to say, there was A LOT of cake leftover!

Bennett helped her Mimi with the candles, specifically putting her daddy's candles on his cake. She put them in the reverse order which we all got a kick out of...everyone except Steve that is.  After our huge dinner and dessert, we all had food coma and just laid around watching football.  We finally rolled ourselves out of there so we could get some much needed rest.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bennett's Parade & The Parties!

Friday was Bennett's big day at school! She got to wear her princess costume and tiara, and she had a big time. Preston's class came to watch the "big kids parade," and it was so sweet to see her run up to him and give him a kiss. He didn't see me there, as I arrived a little late, but he was sitting on the bleachers like a big boy next to his teacher just watching everyone walk by. I can't believe my kids are growing up right before my eyes.

After Bennett's parade, all of the classes went back to their classrooms for Halloween parties. Bennett's class had four stations, with various games or crafts for them each to do before they sat down to listen to a Halloween story, and then lunch.

It was at that time that I skipped out of her party and walked over to Preston's Halloween party. They were just coming in from playing outside, and Preston was so excited to see me! However, when his teacher said it was lunchtime, each child found a seat and sat down. It was so cute to see all of these little 1 and 2 year olds around a table being quiet and eating.

Of course Preston didn't eat his sandwich, but he did have thirds of the chex mix (my child is the WORST eater). After, they each got a darling witch cupcake that one of the moms created. Being the type A person that I am, I immediately saw visions of Preston's shirt soaking in oxyclean for the next week because of green icing being all over his shirt. So, in order to avoid any undo stress, I took off his shirt. He was mad at first, but forgave me after his first bite of the cupcake.

He eventually grew tired of eating, so we packed up and headed home. He was so tuckered from all the fun, that he went down for his nap early, and I got some much needed downtime. All and all, it was a fun day for everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preston's Parade

This morning Preston got to wear his costume and go to school! When I started dressing him, he was so excited, and kept saying that he wanted to ride the train (poor little guy thought he was going to the zoo again). I tried to explain that he wasn't, but he didn't believe me.

Thankfully, he was happy when I dropped him off at school. Like every year, they push the kids around the gym a few times so we can get photos and they can wave to us. There were a ton of cute costumes, and waving kids (Preston included).

Friday, I can to do it all over again with Bennett! Then trick or treating this weekend. Fun, fun!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The iPad is a Hit!

Since Steve was given his iPad, it has had a permanent spot in his lap once he gets home from work. He has enjoyed playing with it and downloading various apps. However, it wasn't until last night when we had some friends over that things took a turn.

While we were watching football with friends, a few of the folks let the little ones use their iphones to play games. Bennett was hooked, so Steve downloaded the app and the rest is history.

Don't judge, but we let her stay up til 10pm with a friend of hers because they were playing so quietly with Steve's iPad. However, when we finally pulled the plug, and told her she needed to go to bed, she lost it. Steve told her if she went to bed, she could play the "matching game" when she woke up.

So at 6:30 this morning, she walked downstairs and went straight to Steve to ask for his iPad. She played all morning until we went to church, then again after church, then again after her nap, then again after dinner. He has downloaded a couple of new apps since this morning to keep her interested and challenged. One is a spelling game, so we'll see how long it takes her (and Preston) to master that!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Cast is Off!

This morning we rushed to the doctor for Preston's 8:10 appointment to have his cast removed! Things couldn't have gone more smoothly. He woke up happy and was genuinely excited to get it taken off. When the tech came in, he told Preston it would tickle. Pres sat up on the table by himself like a big boy and just watched him saw off the cast. I kept thinking he would freak out a little with the noise of the saw, but he was fine. In fact, he was all smiles and kept saying "it tickles, it tickles." When the tech finally removed the smelly thing, Preston looked down at his arm and said "gross."

I must admit that I had to agree. It was all chaffed and had a small sore at the bend of his arm. Preston stretched it out and kept staring at it, but within a few minutes, he was jumping around the room and was back to normal! He went in for an xray all by himself, and talked to the doctor about the fish in the waiting room. When we left (just 40 minutes later), he got a piece of candy and the cast as a souvenir (without the smelly padding). If only every doctor's visit could go so well and so quickly! Dr. Killean and his staff are awesome!

Now we are home and he is soaking in the bathtub. We were told that would help remove the dead skin. I scrubbed his little arm, so I am optimistic. I am so happy that it was off before our annual family pictures on Thursday (that I booked over 2 months ago)!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poo-Poo....don't look if easily disgusted...

Over the past several weeks, if Bennett speaks out loud about her need to go "tee-tee, " it has prompted Preston to say that he needs to go as well. Because we want to get him comfortable with the toilet, we always take off his diaper and place him on the big toilet. Of course he never goes, but he likes the idea of pretending he does. I know he is too young to really start potty training, but I want to get him used to the idea of sitting on the toilet, so we can push for the big goal in about 6 months. He holds on to us for dear life while he is up there, but is slowly getting more used to the idea.

Today he said out of the blue that he "poo-poo." I asked him if he had a poo-poo, and he said "yes." Then Steve asked him if he wanted to go on the toilet, and he said "yes." Thinking that he must have already done the job in his diaper, I told Steve to go for it. So he took off his diaper (with nothing but tee-tee in it), set him on the toilet and then he actually pooped. We got him off and clapped and gave him high fives. He smiled so big and was so proud of himself and he asked to go again. Of course, he didn't go again, but we were proud of his small prize at the bottom of the toilet.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boo at the Zoo....BOOOOO

What a bust! I booed all the way home at the disappointment of the Boo at the Zoo festivities this year! Since it was a last minute decision to go Friday, I ran around Thursday searching for costumes franticly. I had no idea what either of the kids were going to be this year. Bennett kept changing her mind, and Preston had no clue. We ultimately found a princess dress for Bennett, which will be perfect to add to her dress-up clothes for future. And my little boy is the cutest little giraffe ever!

We met Brian, Shannon, Henley and Christian there, and wondered around for an hour and a half. We rode the carousel and the train, visited a couple farm animals and trick or treated in the primate building, and that was it! I don't know if it was the construction the zoo is under, or what, but it really was just pathetic this year. The kids really didn't know any better, they just enjoyed getting candy and wearing their new costumes.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve!!

Happy Birthday Steve! You are a wonderful husband, father, friend, brother and son to everyone and we wish you the happiest day!! This morning the kids and I baked Steve a cake before they went to school, so we could have a mini party when they got home (since Steve only works a half day on Friday). Before we sang "Happy Birthday" I asked the kids to smile for a quick photo with their daddy. Pres wasn't happy to relinquish his cup of milk (hence the pouty face). Then they helped him blow out his candle (we couldn't put 39 candles on that one little cake or the fire alarm might go off).

This was the extent of our family celebration since Steve is going out with some of his high school buddies for dinner and drinks to kick off his 20th high school reunion weekend. Since I wanted to show him some love before all of this reunion stuff, I surprised him with dinner at Bottega Cafe with some friends last night.

Since Steve and Ashley share the same birthday, Mary Michael
and I thought it would be fun to surprise the guys. I'm so glad it worked out...what a fun evening! It was supposed to be dinner and a couple of drinks, but we finally left 4 hours later after a lot of stories and laughing!

We had such a lovely evening with great friends! Happy Birthday Steve, I love you!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Alabama ROLLED Over Those Gators!!

It was a beautiful day in Tuscaloosa yesterday...the weather was great, the company was better and the game was fabulous! Since my parents were in town, they took the kids to the zoo that morning, so we were able to get ready in a leisurely fashion...something we haven't been able to do in a long time.
Then we drove down to T-town with the Fry's without any traffic, the Mizerany's saved us a great parking spot, and then we relaxed with friends. It was so nice knowing that the kids were having fun with their Nene and Poppy, and we were having fun alone.
It was my first game this season, and I am so happy that I had a ticket to the game on the 46 yard line!! What a wonderful place to watch the Tide beat the Gators!

Steve with Danny & Brett

Paige and Malin with me

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Dinner (from September)

I know this is more than 2 weeks late, but I forgot about these photos because they were taken with our other camera (that we don't use that often). The night of Preston's birthday we went out for Mexican food. We didn't make the staff sing to him, but we did use the sombrero as a photo opportunity...a little blurry, but cute.

Of course, Bennett had to get a picture taken with the sombrero too.