Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bennett's Parade & The Parties!

Friday was Bennett's big day at school! She got to wear her princess costume and tiara, and she had a big time. Preston's class came to watch the "big kids parade," and it was so sweet to see her run up to him and give him a kiss. He didn't see me there, as I arrived a little late, but he was sitting on the bleachers like a big boy next to his teacher just watching everyone walk by. I can't believe my kids are growing up right before my eyes.

After Bennett's parade, all of the classes went back to their classrooms for Halloween parties. Bennett's class had four stations, with various games or crafts for them each to do before they sat down to listen to a Halloween story, and then lunch.

It was at that time that I skipped out of her party and walked over to Preston's Halloween party. They were just coming in from playing outside, and Preston was so excited to see me! However, when his teacher said it was lunchtime, each child found a seat and sat down. It was so cute to see all of these little 1 and 2 year olds around a table being quiet and eating.

Of course Preston didn't eat his sandwich, but he did have thirds of the chex mix (my child is the WORST eater). After, they each got a darling witch cupcake that one of the moms created. Being the type A person that I am, I immediately saw visions of Preston's shirt soaking in oxyclean for the next week because of green icing being all over his shirt. So, in order to avoid any undo stress, I took off his shirt. He was mad at first, but forgave me after his first bite of the cupcake.

He eventually grew tired of eating, so we packed up and headed home. He was so tuckered from all the fun, that he went down for his nap early, and I got some much needed downtime. All and all, it was a fun day for everyone!

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