Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Cast is Off!

This morning we rushed to the doctor for Preston's 8:10 appointment to have his cast removed! Things couldn't have gone more smoothly. He woke up happy and was genuinely excited to get it taken off. When the tech came in, he told Preston it would tickle. Pres sat up on the table by himself like a big boy and just watched him saw off the cast. I kept thinking he would freak out a little with the noise of the saw, but he was fine. In fact, he was all smiles and kept saying "it tickles, it tickles." When the tech finally removed the smelly thing, Preston looked down at his arm and said "gross."

I must admit that I had to agree. It was all chaffed and had a small sore at the bend of his arm. Preston stretched it out and kept staring at it, but within a few minutes, he was jumping around the room and was back to normal! He went in for an xray all by himself, and talked to the doctor about the fish in the waiting room. When we left (just 40 minutes later), he got a piece of candy and the cast as a souvenir (without the smelly padding). If only every doctor's visit could go so well and so quickly! Dr. Killean and his staff are awesome!

Now we are home and he is soaking in the bathtub. We were told that would help remove the dead skin. I scrubbed his little arm, so I am optimistic. I am so happy that it was off before our annual family pictures on Thursday (that I booked over 2 months ago)!


Chelsea said...

Boy, that is one scruffly looking doctor. Is it some sleep-deprived med student?? Pres looks pretty happy to be getting it off. It's so cute. You will have to save it for him to see when he's older. Don't worry, the stink will fade... :o)

Mizerany Family said...

Chels, that is actually the technician. He was AWESOME! Preston loved him and he is so good with the little ones. Dr. Killean is actually in his 50s (and clean cut).