Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve!!

Happy Birthday Steve! You are a wonderful husband, father, friend, brother and son to everyone and we wish you the happiest day!! This morning the kids and I baked Steve a cake before they went to school, so we could have a mini party when they got home (since Steve only works a half day on Friday). Before we sang "Happy Birthday" I asked the kids to smile for a quick photo with their daddy. Pres wasn't happy to relinquish his cup of milk (hence the pouty face). Then they helped him blow out his candle (we couldn't put 39 candles on that one little cake or the fire alarm might go off).

This was the extent of our family celebration since Steve is going out with some of his high school buddies for dinner and drinks to kick off his 20th high school reunion weekend. Since I wanted to show him some love before all of this reunion stuff, I surprised him with dinner at Bottega Cafe with some friends last night.

Since Steve and Ashley share the same birthday, Mary Michael
and I thought it would be fun to surprise the guys. I'm so glad it worked out...what a fun evening! It was supposed to be dinner and a couple of drinks, but we finally left 4 hours later after a lot of stories and laughing!

We had such a lovely evening with great friends! Happy Birthday Steve, I love you!

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Chelsea said...

Looks like the perfect celebration. Cute pic of you guys! Happy Birthday Steve!