Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preston's Parade

This morning Preston got to wear his costume and go to school! When I started dressing him, he was so excited, and kept saying that he wanted to ride the train (poor little guy thought he was going to the zoo again). I tried to explain that he wasn't, but he didn't believe me.

Thankfully, he was happy when I dropped him off at school. Like every year, they push the kids around the gym a few times so we can get photos and they can wave to us. There were a ton of cute costumes, and waving kids (Preston included).

Friday, I can to do it all over again with Bennett! Then trick or treating this weekend. Fun, fun!!


Joy said...

Wow...he is a beautiful child.
Lawson's MeMe

Mizerany Family said...

Thanks Lawson's Meme...he is my baby boy!!