Thursday, November 11, 2010

Railroad Park Outing!

Today on this gorgeous Veteran's Day, I took the kids to Birmingham's new 25 million dollar park spanning 19 acres.  I met three of my girlfriends and their kids down there and we just let the kids run wild.  They played on the playground, road their bikes, ran across the grassy fields and we all enjoyed a delicious lunch.  It was a perfect way to spend several hours!
This park was "in the works" when I moved here, and approved several years later.  Everyone wondered if people would actually utilize the park since it is in the middle of downtown Birmingham, not near anything in particular.  Though it has only been open a couple of months, it has been a huge success.  Everyone is raving about it.  Now there is talk of moving our minor league baseball team from Hoover to downtown (into a new modern stadium), which would greatly impact this area.

The kids were so worn out that Pres kept falling asleep on the short drive home, and then Bennett fell asleep on Spencer's dog bed in the living room while I was putting Preston down for his nap.  I know it was only our first time, but I'm a fan.  Hopefully there will be other visits in our near future (especially if we continue to have this 70-80 degree weather)!

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