Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Snack

Friday was the last day of school before the Thanksgiving break, and each of the kids had a special day.  Preston's side of the school had a Thanksgiving snack, where each class brought a bowl of something to share.  Then they mixed all of the items together for a wonderful chex mix that all of the kiddos enjoyed!

Of course all of the parents were invited, but only I could attend since it was so early.
I attended his little party and he was so happy to see me (even though I had just dropped him off at school 30 minutes beforehand).  You've got to love that genuine excitement.  He brings a smile to my face each and every day with all of his little antics, and I am so thankful for him.

An hour later, Bennett's class organized a Thanksgiving feast for all of the students and their parents.  Typically only I would attend that as well, but it was a special treat to have Steve there.

They enjoyed a typically Thanksgiving meal (except the turkey was from a can and everything was mass produced, and kind-of disgusting).  As it turns out, I didn't attend since Steve could, so I allowed "B" to have some one on one time with just her Daddy.  She loved it, even though she chose not to eat her lunch (smart girl in my opinion).  Unfortunately, no photos were taken, but just know that a little girl had some very special time with her Daddy who she loves very much.
How lucky are we to have two beautiful, happy, loving children? 

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