Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010, part 1 (of 3)

It was a three day celebration, and one filled with too much food and drink, a lot of present opening and a lot of laughs with all of our family members.  It all started on Thursday (23rd), when we went to Brian and Shannon's for a "Banta Christmas."  It started off great, with a few cocktails, appetizers and story telling while Brian was grilling the meat.  We let each of the kids open a couple of presents before dinner, and then we sat down to eat.

Brian was trying out a new recipe for his pork tenderloin (it was garlic stuffed and bacon wrapped).  He tried hard, but it was a little overcooked and the outside was crunchy due to the bacon catching on fire while on the grill.  He failed to tell us that he inserted about 50 toothpicks to keep the bacon wrapped around it, so when my mother took her very first bite, she choked on a small piece of a toothpick.  It ended up getting lodged in her throat, and she couldn't swallow it, or get it up and out.  We tried lots of different things...drinking water, eating bread, gagging her, taking shots of liquor, but nothing worked and she was started to feel pain.  Christmas came to an abrupt halt when my father and mother drove off to Brookwood E.R. at 8pm.


Since we knew that we wouldn't get a chance to celebrate with Brian and Shannon again, we decided to keep opening the presents that we gave each other.  We kept checking on my mother, who was doing fine.  But an x-ray finally determined that she had in fact swallowed something, so a GI doctor had to come take it out.  They gave her some morphine, and pulled out a small piece of the toothpick, with meat attached to it.  They told her that it perforated both sides of her esophagus, so she was on a liquid and soft food diet for the remainder of her stay.  Fortunately, she felt fine, just had a sore throat.

Before we left, the kids started doing gymnastics, including somersaults, headstands and finally jumping from the coffee table to the sofa.  They thought it was so much fun, and we got some great "air" shots that I had to post.  Henley was fast asleep by this time, but Pres was still keeping up with the older two.  We finally wrapped up the night around 11pm.  My mother and father arrived back at our house just before midnight (she was still a little loopy, but woke up feeling much better).

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Courtney Long said...

Bless her heart! That sounds like something that would happen at the Lawson house!