Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Christmas Festivities

As I knew before this week even has been busy (and it isn't even over yet)!  Following the painting with Santa on Tuesday, we had Bennett's school Christmas concert Wednesday night, then the Homewood Christmas parade this evening.  Tomorrow we have our Sunday school Christmas party and then two more holiday parties on Saturday (what fun)!!

After Bennett's poor performance (or lack thereof) on Sunday night, we didn't expect much for her school concert.  So let's just say that we weren't disappointed.  She walked out with all of her classmates and stood in front of the sanctuary with all of the 3K, 4K and daycare kids and stared out into the audience.  When she finally caught a glimpse of us, she smiled, but it didn't last long.  She mouthed the words to a couple of the songs, but otherwise just hung out with her school buddies.

When it was time to file out of the sanctuary, Bennett looked pathetically back at us, and reluctantly walked out.  However, when I went to her classroom afterward to take her home, she was all smiles as she enjoyed some candy.  The little things that make her happy...


Earlier tonight we walked a couple blocks to watch the Homewood Christmas parade.  We had a prime spot on the corner where we saw each float clearly, and got so much candy thrown our way.  We left our house in a rush to ensure we saw the beginning of it, so we forgot a bag for our loot.  Thankfully someone gave us one at the end when they saw our camera bag exploding with the just the "good stuff."

The kids had a blast watching all of the colorful floats, listening to the bands, and picking up the candy on the street.  Thanks to Preston and Steve, our Halloween stash has been replenished (which I am not sure is a good thing).

 The kids really enjoyed all of floats, but they REALLY liked the band.  Preston also enjoyed seeing the monster truck and all of the firetrucks at the end....especially the one carrying Santa!

After the parade, Bennett wanted to see "baby Jesus" across the street, so we walked over to the church to take a peek.

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