Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa's Watching...

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season is here!  Sunday afternoon we put up our tree, hung the stocking and did a little decorating outside.  That night we read a new book: "The Elf on the Shelf."

For those unaware of this book, it is a story about an old tradition that one family had that has caught on with others now that they package it.  The book comes with an elf that descends upon your house around Christmas and hides in a spot for an entire day watching your behavior.  Then while you are asleep, he flies back to the North Pole to tell Santa if you have been naughty or nice.  The book tells you that he is unable to talk, but you can talk to him anytime, and tell him what you want from Santa.  The next morning he has chosen a new hiding spot, and you must find him!

The first morning he came to our home, he picked an easier spot, sitting on one of our lights in our kitchen (where we spend so much time).  It took a little while for the kids to find him, but when they did, they were so excited.  We then had to come up with a name for him.  Bennett initially wanted to name him her name, but then she finally chose "Bob."  Thankfully it is easy enough for Preston to recall, so both kids know who he is.

Unfortunately, I forgot Bob forgot to hide in a new spot the following morning.  So when Bennett awoke and went searching for him, she was surprised to find him in the exact same location.  She was slightly disappointed, saying "see Mom, I told you he doesn't go see Santa."  Thankfully Daddy returned that night and reminded Bob to hide in a new location (our Christmas tree).  Bennett and Pres walked all over the house the next morning, but gave up after not easily finding him.  I didn't want to give in, so I just waited.  That afternoon when we returned from errands, they were sitting on the sofa and saw him.  They were so excited to spot him, and came running to tell me.

We've heard these elves can be slightly mischievous, so who knows what the kids will find in the coming days, but I think Steve has been giving Bob suggestions...

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