Tuesday, December 28, 2010

That Darn Bob...

Christmas Eve day was the last day that Bob (our elf) made an appearance in our home. He was a busy elf these past few weeks, and has provided entertainment for the whole house. We followed the instructions of the book and prohibited the children from touching him (so he wouldn't lose his magical powers).  Each night he flew back to the North Pole to report to Santa on the children's behavior for the day, and then he would return before they awoke in a new hiding place.

Bennett got in the habit of looking for him in the old spot, and then hunting him down each morning.  Then she would show Preston where he was hiding.  Sometimes Bob would just be sitting in a new location (the days Mommy helped him hide),while other days he was mischievous and caused a mess (the days Daddy helped).  Sometimes Bennett would think it was funny if he got into trouble, but when he touched her things, she got very upset.  In fact, the little stunt of him pulling her panties out of their drawer and throwing them all over her bedroom caused her to cry!  Can you say TYPE A?!

Bob was busy during his stay, pulling toilet paper from our hall bath all the way to the Christmas tree and then all over it, spilling corks from Steve's stash, tipping over mommy's candles, getting into the candy jar (and eating a sucker), and many other things I can't recall.  However, a couple of times he was a nice elf, and loaded new games or stories on Steve's Ipad.  It was those days that Bennett REALLY liked Bob.

On Christmas Eve, the kids got this little note from Bob...

So until next year Bob....thanks for the memories!

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