Friday, January 21, 2011

Okay, This is Just Cruel!!

So today started off like most other days with the kids eating breakfast, watching a little TV and then heading off to school.  Then I enjoyed a little "me time" at the gym doing this awesome boot camp class with a couple of girlfriends.  After showering I met Steve for lunch before picking up the kids from school.  Shortly thereafter, the kids were in their respective beds taking naps while I was relaxing in the peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, that peace didn't last long because Bennett started screaming for me.  When I walked into her room, she was sitting up in bed, crying because she had thrown up all over herself, her blankets and her favorite stuffed animal.  I called for Steve, who thankfully was there to assist in stripping her down and getting her showered.  Meanwhile I cleaned her linens and started doing laundry....again.

After the shower Bennett was wide awake, and not interested in taking a nap.  I let her veg with cartoons for a little while, but then I made her lie down.  She had no interest in sleeping on a bed though, so she slept on Spencer's dog bed in her sleeping bag....pathetic I know, but she was quite comfortable and took a 2 hr nap until we woke her.

Since then she has thrown up two more it looks like this weekend is going to be a repeat of last weekend.  What a bummer for us....  One of these days when everyone is healthy again, I'll write a post that includes some photos.  Until then, pray for this to be a 12 hour bug.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Exhausting 48 Hours!

Being a mother is not always an easy job, especially a stay-at-home mother.  As a young adult, I never thought that I would choose to be at home with my children, but I must admit I really do treasure so much of my time with them.  They have such unique personalities, and I love watching the two of them interact.

However, I have always lacked in an area that is key to being a good parent.....patience.  Having children has helped a little, but definitely not enough.  I expect so much from my children (which I know is wrong), and get so easily irritated when things don't go the way I planned (I also know this is wrong).  So as I finish my 8th load of laundry in 3 days, let me summarize why I need a break...

Since we just finished 10 days of antibiotics for both kids, I thought we were on the mend and I could send both kids back to school again.  However, I awoke at 5am Saturday morning to Preston screaming.  I walked into his room to see why and found that he had thrown up all over his himself and his crib (thankfully it was contained to just the crib).  So I stripped it down, and tried to rock him back to sleep.  He laid in my arms calmly, but never did fall back to sleep for an hour and a half.  Since we heard Bennett stirring in the other room, we walked out to see what was going on.  She and Steve were snuggled up in our bed watching a cartoon, so we moved in beside them.  I had barely gotten under the covers when Pres threw up all over me and our bed (UGH!!).  So began our laundry for the day....

The day seemed to be improving some, so Steve and I each escaped to the gym for a little "me time" and I finished remaking the two beds with clean sheets!  Pres and Bennett played well all morning and he seemed to be acting fine, so we were shocked when he threw up again right before his afternoon nap.  I then started my 4th load of laundry, while Steve gave Pres his 2nd bath of the day and then I washed the floor.  Since we were both exhausted, we fixed a low-key dinner, put the kids down at 8pm and we were asleep by 9pm!!

Though Pres kept a midnight cup of milk down (he begged for it and I was exhausted, so I caved), I kept him home from church since it hadn't be 24 hrs yet.  While Steve and Bennett went to pray for us, we headed to the grocery store.  He has acting fine and all seemed to be going well.  We made plans with friends to have a playdate on Monday since the kids are out of school, ate a delicious dinner that Steve cooked, gave the kids a bath and watched Toy Story with them before bed.

I gave Pres his last cup of milk for the day, while we were watching the movie, and then I heard the infamous cough, which quickly led to him throwing up everything he had consumed that day.  He literally emptied his tummy right there in our living room.  Fortunately I was able to get him off the our new rug in time, but he had such force behind his puking, that it splattered onto a chair and the rug some.  For you mothers, it was the gross, smelly kind of throw-up (the cottage cheese looking, stinky dairy kind).  As I gagged while cleaning it up, I was cursing under my breath at the next mound of laundry that was just created.  Of course, Pres can't help it.  He obviously has some sort of nasty little bug, so why am I upset??  I know I shouldn't be, but my goodness, can I have a break from my laundry room please?  I did loads 7 and 8 last night before bed, while Steve gave Pres yet another bath (he is the cleanest kid on the block) and put him down.

Due to this crazy bug Pres has, I had to cancel our playdate today.  However, my girlfriends still invited Bennett over to play with their little girls, so I dropped her off at 10am, and they brought her home at 2pm!  Thank you Shanon, Mary Michael and Katie for entertaining Bennett this morning and feeding her lunch.  It was nice to only worry about one child all morning.  Now both kids are napping and I am going to iron some of Steve's shirts and relax a little.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Little Girl is Growing Up

At the beginning of this school year, Bennett entered 3K Sunday school.  Prior to this, she really just went to a nursery for the two hours while we were at church every Sunday.  However, she now gets to play for an hour, and then go to her Sunday school class where they sing and learn about the Bible through books, arts and crafts and prayer.  Speaking of prayer, her four teachers gave us an outline of what "favorite" Bible stories they would learn this year, in addition to the "Lord's Prayer."  When we heard that she would learn all of this, I was impressed.

Steve and I pray with Bennett every night.  We started off with the simple "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" prayer.  But then I started a "Praying Moms" class at church, where we read and discussed the book "Children and Prayer" over the course of several months.  With everyone in the class being a mother to small children, we had a lot in common.  We discussed the various ways we prayed with our children, and one of the biggest things I took away from the class was that we need to let our children pray from their heart.  We are to give them instruction, and ideas on how to pray and why we pray for others, and why we thank the Lord for all that he has blessed us with, but then stop there.

When I first started trying it out, Bennett and I would take turns praying.  I might start with a prayer of thanksgiving, and then pray for someone.  Many times she didn't know who the people were that I was praying for, and she would ask.  After I explained each of their circumstances to her, she began to pray for them on her own.  Some of these people have situations that are affecting them that are easier for her to understand, so she wants to pray for them.  However, if she is tired, she may only pray for family or something that is fresh on her mind.  When we have lots of time though, and are sitting up praying, we can go on and on.

This more relaxed method of praying is supposed to help the children feel comfortable speaking to God, and give them the confidence to pray to him as adults.  I can't say that I lead a perfect life (far from it really), but I do feel I have a relationship with God, and I want nothing more than my children to experience that as well.  The first time I heard her say "The Lord's Prayer," I was so proud of her, and I just smiled so big.  She knew I was proud, and now she wants to pray it every night (which is fine by me).  I have been meaning to get this recorded.  She doesn't have it down perfectly yet, but it is perfect to us.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Saturday night we went to Louis and Michelle's house for a birthday dinner celebration for Mimi(Happy Birthday Myra)!  They got Chinese take-out for her since it is one of her favorites, and I baked the cake.  I really don't know why I even offer to help with anything in the baking is not something that I enjoy, nor am I good at it.  See for yourself (and Chels, you are NOT ALLOWED to make fun of me!).  Now to be honest, this is one of my worst looking cakes, but it tasted delicious!

Though I was totally humiliated by my one contribution to the evening, I still brought the cake.  You see Steve and I have started a new work-out routine for 2011 and have been doing better with our eating habits, so I had to get rid of it!  I knew the family would make fun of me because they are all good bakers (I guess pretty much anyone can make a cake look better than that one), so I made Steve buy a TCBY cake too.  Of course Myra was gracious and raved about the taste of it (thanks for being sweet Mimi).

Anyway.....the night was not about my cake, it was about Mimi's birthday!  I think she liked our gift (a photo session with Heather Swanner for an updated family picture this spring).  To me there is nothing better than documenting your life with photos to keep all of those memories and fun times fresh in your mind.  And since Myra loves her family, what's better than a current photo with her children and grandchildren?

Following dinner, we stuck around and played.  Michelle even pulled out the playdough and all of the items that go with it to make food and various shapes.  All of the kids had fun (even Sara and Maria)!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Last night Steve and I hosted a new year's eve party for some of our friends.  Initially it was going to be a smaller dinner party, but then we kept inviting more and more of our friends.  I am so happy that we had the large group because we had a blast!  We had 28 of our closest friends over for dinner, and everyone was kind enough to bring an appetizer, dessert or champagne to share.  Our little shindig started at 7:30, and the last person left a little after 3:00am!  We toasted and brought in the new year together, and then we all danced a little in our living fun!  Thanks to everyone for making our night a memorable one.  Here's hoping 2011 is even better than 2010!!

Katie, Kadie, Natasha & Ginny

Karen & Steve

Alisha & Ken

Mary Michael, Shanon & Jennifer

Ashley & Dan

Jennifer, Alisha, Kadie, Katie, me, Lauren & Lauren

Steve, Brian & Lauren

Christy & Steve getting down

Dan, Don, Steve & Bryan

David, Ashley, Steve, Ken, Brian, Michael, Shanon
Natasha, Kadie, Mary Michael & Alisha (the late night crowd)

David, Ken, Steve, Michael & Ashley (doing Jaeger shots...ugh!)

Our spread: Beef Tenderloin, Jalapeno Scalloped Potatoes, Baby Blue Salad & Rolls