Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Saturday night we went to Louis and Michelle's house for a birthday dinner celebration for Mimi(Happy Birthday Myra)!  They got Chinese take-out for her since it is one of her favorites, and I baked the cake.  I really don't know why I even offer to help with anything in the baking is not something that I enjoy, nor am I good at it.  See for yourself (and Chels, you are NOT ALLOWED to make fun of me!).  Now to be honest, this is one of my worst looking cakes, but it tasted delicious!

Though I was totally humiliated by my one contribution to the evening, I still brought the cake.  You see Steve and I have started a new work-out routine for 2011 and have been doing better with our eating habits, so I had to get rid of it!  I knew the family would make fun of me because they are all good bakers (I guess pretty much anyone can make a cake look better than that one), so I made Steve buy a TCBY cake too.  Of course Myra was gracious and raved about the taste of it (thanks for being sweet Mimi).

Anyway.....the night was not about my cake, it was about Mimi's birthday!  I think she liked our gift (a photo session with Heather Swanner for an updated family picture this spring).  To me there is nothing better than documenting your life with photos to keep all of those memories and fun times fresh in your mind.  And since Myra loves her family, what's better than a current photo with her children and grandchildren?

Following dinner, we stuck around and played.  Michelle even pulled out the playdough and all of the items that go with it to make food and various shapes.  All of the kids had fun (even Sara and Maria)!

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Chelsea said...

I'm not even sure what I'm looking at in this picture. Did it implode? Hey, it's ok. It all tastes the same, right? Just close your eyes and open wide!!