Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Last night Steve and I hosted a new year's eve party for some of our friends.  Initially it was going to be a smaller dinner party, but then we kept inviting more and more of our friends.  I am so happy that we had the large group because we had a blast!  We had 28 of our closest friends over for dinner, and everyone was kind enough to bring an appetizer, dessert or champagne to share.  Our little shindig started at 7:30, and the last person left a little after 3:00am!  We toasted and brought in the new year together, and then we all danced a little in our living fun!  Thanks to everyone for making our night a memorable one.  Here's hoping 2011 is even better than 2010!!

Katie, Kadie, Natasha & Ginny

Karen & Steve

Alisha & Ken

Mary Michael, Shanon & Jennifer

Ashley & Dan

Jennifer, Alisha, Kadie, Katie, me, Lauren & Lauren

Steve, Brian & Lauren

Christy & Steve getting down

Dan, Don, Steve & Bryan

David, Ashley, Steve, Ken, Brian, Michael, Shanon
Natasha, Kadie, Mary Michael & Alisha (the late night crowd)

David, Ken, Steve, Michael & Ashley (doing Jaeger shots...ugh!)

Our spread: Beef Tenderloin, Jalapeno Scalloped Potatoes, Baby Blue Salad & Rolls

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