Friday, January 21, 2011

Okay, This is Just Cruel!!

So today started off like most other days with the kids eating breakfast, watching a little TV and then heading off to school.  Then I enjoyed a little "me time" at the gym doing this awesome boot camp class with a couple of girlfriends.  After showering I met Steve for lunch before picking up the kids from school.  Shortly thereafter, the kids were in their respective beds taking naps while I was relaxing in the peace and quiet.

Unfortunately, that peace didn't last long because Bennett started screaming for me.  When I walked into her room, she was sitting up in bed, crying because she had thrown up all over herself, her blankets and her favorite stuffed animal.  I called for Steve, who thankfully was there to assist in stripping her down and getting her showered.  Meanwhile I cleaned her linens and started doing laundry....again.

After the shower Bennett was wide awake, and not interested in taking a nap.  I let her veg with cartoons for a little while, but then I made her lie down.  She had no interest in sleeping on a bed though, so she slept on Spencer's dog bed in her sleeping bag....pathetic I know, but she was quite comfortable and took a 2 hr nap until we woke her.

Since then she has thrown up two more it looks like this weekend is going to be a repeat of last weekend.  What a bummer for us....  One of these days when everyone is healthy again, I'll write a post that includes some photos.  Until then, pray for this to be a 12 hour bug.


Lyndsey said...

How terrible!!! I hope that she is over it soon and that it doesn't spread to anyone else!

courtney said...

Ugg..not fair! Hope yall get well soon!!