Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Trucks!

Yesterday was another gorgeous day...sunny and in the 70s!  We had already committed to spending the time outside doing yardwork, but we had one fun thing we wanted to do with Pres first....go to the McWane Center to check out their "Big Trucks" exhibit.  They partnered with a local company and had several roads closed near the center so they could bring in various heavy machinery.  They had a couple of different cranes, a backhoe loader, skid steer, firetruck, dumptruck and an excavator.  

Pres loved his new hat and checking out all of the machinery up close.  He knows the names of most large machines by sight, so according to Steve he ran around pointing and shouting out the names of everything.  

If only this thing had a key, I would be out of here!

Dang, this steering wheel is hard to turn!

"Giant Esavator"...well not really, but every excavator is a "giant" one to Pres

What is this ball stuck on anyway? 

After 45 minutes, Pres started to lose interest.  I think waking up at 5am and running around downtown in the sun pooped the boy out.  But what a fun way to spend some time with Daddy!

We capped off the day later that night with some frozen yogurt.  It was so nice, that we walked to the shop and sat outside to enjoy it.

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