Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is in the air......well not really at our house.  This morning Steve got up at 4:30am to catch a very early flight.  So no hot date with my honey tonight.  In fact, last night as we were lying in bed (exhausted), we both admitted that we hadn't signed each other's Valentine's Day cards.  We laughed and decided that we would save them for next year.  Oh is really just a day for Hallmark and florists to make money anyway.  It doesn't matter since we celebrated our love for each other Friday night while dining out and then singing along with Brad Paisley.

We also gave each other a VERY romantic gift....BodyBuggs!!  What is better that getting healthy and losing weight for each other?  So for the past week we both have been wearing these sexy little black bands around our biceps that measure how many calories we are burning.  Then we have to input what we eat, so we can see if we are burning more than we are consuming (the key to losing weight).  We ordered them mid January, shortly after we joined the gym and got committed to a more healthy lifestyle.  We received them a week ago, set our goals, and have been having fun being competitive with each other since then.

Since the first of the year, Steve has lost 7 lbs and I've lost a couple.  Steve is MUCH better at monitoring what he puts in his mouth, hence his better results.  We are both determined to lose a few of these stubborn pounds and get firmer.  Since we got married and had children, we have not made time on a consistent basis for working out.  Though it has only been 1.5 months since our workout plan started, that has all changed.  I cut my hours back from my job so I can make it to the gym every weekday, and Steve goes straight to the gym after work before we have dinner.  Of course, we eat a little later now, but that is okay because we are both happy with the results we are seeing and feeling.

As for the kids, today they had their Valentine's Day parties.  I walked in a little late to Preston's party (which was at 11am), and guess what I little angel sleeping at the party table.  All of the other kiddos were enjoying their lunch, but not my baby.  According to his teacher, he drank his juice, pushed his plate away and laid his little head down and went to sleep.  When I walked in, I kissed him and rubbed his back, but he didn't stir.  It wasn't until I lifted him up to hold him that he woke up.  Of course, he perked right back to his active self for the rest of his party, and here is Pres for his class photo.

Then Pres and I went down the hall to Bennett's party which was also in full swing by the time we got there.  She was excited to see us, and stopped eating to come give us a big hug.  Most of her classmates know Preston, so he got several more hugs from the "older girls."  Once the kids finished eating, they decorated cookies, had a special Valentine's Day book read to them, and then exchanged cards and goodies.  It was a fun party, but Bennett was much more excited to come home and check out her loot in her special box that she created.
I hope you all enjoyed your special day and had a Happy Valentine's Day!

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