Saturday, February 12, 2011


Steve ran his first 5K this morning, and did very well on this chilly morning...finishing at 29:40.  Though he has been running over the past month, building up to the 3.1 miles and improving his pace, he had a couple concerns.  Last night was a late night due to the concert, and he's been fighting a cold.

Of course, we all had to go down to support him.  We were at the starting line, but never saw him cross with the mass crowd.  So we moved to first mile marker, and we didn't see him until he almost passed us.  We then went straight to the finish line, and waited patiently for him.  The kids ate some cheerios and hung out, while I got the camera ready.  Then before I knew it....there he was!

He came around the corner looking strong, and he gave the final stretch a little kick and plowed through the finish line.

After the race, we were walking back to the car while Pres was pointing out a variety of transportation vehicles: firetruck, ambulance, crane, delivery truck and then a policeman on a motorcycle.  The policeman was very friendly and invited the children onto the back of the motorcycle.  I thought for sure they would chicken out, but they both hopped on long enough for us to snap their photos.

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Chelsea said...

Yeah! Go Steve Go! That's great. Don't think I would have even made it to the race after the late night before.

The pics of the kids on the bike are cute. The cop looks so serious but Bennett got a smile from him :)