Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chili Cook-Off

Attending the Exceptional Foundation Chili Cook-Off has become an annual tradition for us.  It is so fun to walk a couple blocks to a huge fundraiser where they are serving over 100 different chilis, you can drink beer and listen to a fun band.  In the past, the weather has been perfect....warm and sunny.  However, today was a different was a cold, rainy day.  But we weren't going to let a little rain (or a lot during some points) stop us.  So we bundled up with our raincoats and rainboots, packed our coolers full of cold beer, and walked up to the park with our umbrellas.

We had a blast, regardless of the weather, and sampled some very good chili!  After an hour of light rain, Bennett and Lily (a friend's little girl) were ready to go home, change clothes and play in the comfort of our house.  So Lily's mom, Kadie, walked the girls home while the rest of us hung out for another hour.  It continued to rain on and off, but we had so much fun!  Pres was a hoot, dancing to the band, stomping in any puddles he could find, and eating ALL candy that he was served.  Having us all to himself was an added bonus.

After our bellies were full, we walked home and put the kids down for naps.  Then more of our friends came over and we planned our dinner.  Fortunately we all love to cook, so we made grilled oysters, crab claws, steamed shrimp, baked potatoes and asparagus!  I must say that dinner was phenomenal, and I was STUFFED!  All of the kids had a ball playing together, and we had fun chit-chatting and hanging out.

Though the day didn't go just as we had planned, it turned out better than expected.  It is so much fun to live in a community where we can walk everywhere and have so many wonderful friends nearby.

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