Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easy Street

As you have probably gathered from previous blog posts (if you don't know Pres well enough that is)...he is OBSESSED with trucks.  Really, he is obsessed with anything that moves...cars, trains, trucks, boats, planes, etc.  He has been given multiple books over the past couple of years that deal with trucks, trains, etc, and he loves them all.  In fact, he has several that have real pictures of various trucks (like excavators, bulldozers, garbage trucks, car transport trucks, fuel tankers, etc) that he has learned and can now point out when we are driving around town.  He always gets excited when he spots something, and he shouts it out.

About a month ago, Bennett passed along one of her books to Pres because she thought he would like it more, and boy was she right.  The book is named "Easy Street" and it explains how streets are made.  The beauty of the book is the sing-songy way it is written, which has allowed Preston to memorize it.  If you don't believe me, see for yourself...it is quite cute.

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