Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Birthdays

It seems like all of the Mizerany birthdays fall in two months...March and October.  This of course is not exactly how it is, we just have three celebrations in each of those months.  Since Maria, John Michael and Uncle Dan all have March birthdays, and Sara was sick for her birthday in February.....we had one big lunch feast to ring in all four today.

Louis and Michelle hosted, so we all went over and gorged ourselves.  Bennett and Preston love to spend time with their cousins, and had a ball playing with all of their old toys and the playdough.  Since Maria was just in for the weekend, Bennett got her fill of "Ria" today.

In typical Bennett fashion, she was most anxious for the cake, and had to be there to assist Maria in blowing out the candles.

Uncle Dan with all of his beloved nieces and nephews!  We wish you a VERY happy birthday Uncle Dan!!

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