Sunday, March 27, 2011

Parent's Day Off!

Yesterday, Steve and I got up and did a little yardwork before showering and dropping the kids off at his parents for our DAY OFF from parenting.  We decided to treat ourselves to a movie, Hall Pass (which was very entertaining and quite ironic considering our day).  Then we made a quick trip to Costco before heading to our 90 minute massages.  I must say it was quite relaxing and delightful to receive a 90 minute massage, especially when you know in the back of your head you're not paying for a babysitter on top of the massages.  Following that we headed home to shower and freshen up before going to a great dinner at The Veranda on Highland!  We sat outside, had a few cocktails, a delicious dinner and an overall fun night.

What a great day, and thanks to the Mizeranys and Groupon for saving us money!  The massages were a fraction of their full price, and we saved money off our dinner, and had NO babysitter to pay at the end.  So nice!!

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