Saturday, March 12, 2011


Bryan, me, Bennett, Kadie, Michael & Lauren
 This morning I ran my first 5K in forever....really, in over 8 years (since before I left Peoria).  Steve and I were both going to run it with some friends, but Bennett was diagnosed with strep yesterday, so our childcare plans fell through last minute.  Steve was nice enough to sit this one out so I could run it.  Since January I have been cross-training: doing a variety of bootcamp classes, as well as spin, kick-boxing, weights and running a little lately.

Earlier this week I ran 4.25 miles on the treadmill and I felt knee or feet problems!  So I decided that running this 5K would be fun.

Why can't I play in the street?
However, last night when Steve and I were deciding who would run, I started to get nervous.  I worried I wouldn't be able to run the whole thing, or that I would embarrass myself with a crappy time.  He said that I should get a formal time for myself, so I was the chosen one.

Then today, everything started off great!  I woke up in time to enjoy some coffee before I left, as well as put together a new playlist on our iPod.  Then the kids got up and we got them dressed and out the door in time for us all to ride together.  I registered, stretched and got behind the line.  When the gun went off, I started off slowly, but tried to maneuver my way through the "slower than me" people.

Where are my sunglasses?

Then I tried to find someone who was running at a pace similar to mine (that is what I learned way back when).  That person was my friend Kadie.  I let her lead, and we stayed together until the last half mile.  I then decided I needed to start picking it up a little.  I had a goal to beat Steve's 5K time, so I had to finish strong.

I'm in the back going through the shoot.
At the 3 mile marker, I really picked it up and sprinted to the finish line.  When I went through the finish line at 27 minutes and change, I was so excited!  As pathetic as this is, I think that may be my best time for a 5K (I know, I really am NOT fast).

The beauty of the whole thing is how good I felt afterward.  Running is one of the most addictive things!  I wish my body could withstand long-distance running because I could be so skinny!

Oh well, for now I will stick to 5Ks, and maybe a 10K if I can work myself up to 6-7 miles.  You want to know something else funny?  Steve went to the gym this afternoon and ran on the treadmill.  He came home and said that he ran it in 26 min and 54 seconds (he had to be the fastest).  We are so competitive, so I guess I have new goal...26.5 minutes!
The "after" group shot


Kelley said...

Good for you, Julie!!! I'm very impressed, have always wanted to be a runner!

Chelsea said...

Great job, Jules! It IS addicting, isn't it? I think it's a great time and just crossing the finish line is reward enough. Such an awesome feeling!