Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011, part 1

Spring break isn't what it used to be....Twenty years ago it used to be bikinis and keg stands on some crowded beach in Mexico.  Ten years ago it was unheard of, I would just work all spring not understanding what "spring break" even was.  Now, I am a mother of two, and "spring break" consists of keeping two kids busy for 10 days while they are out of school, dance, etc.

The week started off great, with a morning at Pump It Up, then lunch at Chick-Fil-A, then a quick nap before ending with a trip to the gym for more fun with friends while I got an hour break.

Our time at Pump It Up was great, especially for Pres.  He walked in and went running straight toward the huge slide and went right down without any hesitation.  Bennett was a little more cautious, needing someone to hold her hand on the way down.  Unfortunately, I did not come prepared with socks (the prerequisite for enjoying the inflatables), but that didn't stop Preston.  When none of the girls we went with could keep up with him, he befriended a staff member.  Tyler, the staff, became his new best friend that he drug all over the place, up and down the slides, through the mazes, etc.  It was quite funny!
Tuesday morning we started off at the gym, a different one, so the kids could have a change of scenery.  I went to the early boot camp class so we could make it the children's science museum (The McWane Center) before it got too crowded.  Deep down I must have known there was no way it wasn't going to be crazy, because I tried to get out of it with our friends, but I went regardless.  When I got there and saw the "Deck Full" sign, I should have turned around and gone home, but I didn't.  I circled the block until I found street parking, and gave the kids the big lecture how we had to stay together because it was going to be so crowded.  Surprisingly, they listened to me and stayed by my side the entire time.  However, it was CRAZY busy!  It was so crowded that I was worried someone could snatch one of my kids right out from underneath me, so I stayed real close.

In fact, I was talking to Steve on the phone when my kids went into an airplane simulator, when I heard a shriek that could only be my own kids.  So I hung up with him and ran into the airplane only to find two little boys (probably 4-5 yrs old) beating up my kids!  I pulled them off, scolded them and grabbed my kids.  Since they were both crying and scared, I explained to my friend that I was leaving immediately.  It was not a good spring break day....

I was determined to make Wednesday better, but I wanted to make sure my mental health was on track, so we went to the gym first thing.  I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day, so we had planned to visit the zoo.  Since the new "Trails of Africa" exhibit was open, we were excited to see the elephants up close.  Unfortunately, neither of them were out!!  Needless to say, we were all disappointed!  Fortunately the weather was perfect, which helped us enjoy the day.  It didn't hurt that the kids had a blast running all over the zoo visiting their usual favorite animals and riding the train with their friends. 

I love having friends to do things with....they made our first half of spring break more fun!  Since Thursday was St. Patty's Day (which is my favorite holiday), I decided to make this mid-week day about me!!  The kids and I ran around town with the windows down running errands, played in our yard, packed for our weekend getaway, and then Steve and I went out with friends for a couple of green beers with friends.

Stayed tuned for Spring Break 2011, part 2 (coming tomorrow).....

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