Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ Has Risen!

What a beautiful Easter Sunday we were blessed with today! Of course we planned to attend church, but since we have a tendency to run a little late for the early service, we decided to give the new mid morning service a try. As you might expect, church is always PACKED on Easter Sunday, and you have to arrive so early to get a seat. This year our church decided to add an additional service during the Sunday school hour to help with the crowds, and what a wonderful idea it was! Since there was only 15 minutes between the services, you couldn't arrive too early (which worked out perfectly for us).

After listening to the beautiful music and meaningful message, we left happy and excited to get pictures in front of the flower cross. Steve and Bennett had cut some flowers from our backyard to add to the cross.

Then we were off to Steve's parent's house for Easter lunch. Since Myra was still slaving away in the kitchen when we arrived, we sat outside and enjoyed the weather. I even got a couple of photos with my two favorite people (I only wish I wasn't wearing that darn body bugg).

After we stuffed ourselves with a bunch of Lebanese food, Steve and I headed home to put Preston down for a nap. Bennett had already made up her mind that she was staying to play with her cousins and help Mimi decorate bunny cakes (and we didn't feel like fighting her). Steve headed back at 5pm to get Bennett and she had just passed out in BJ's lap. Evidently she played hard all afternoon: hunting eggs that Abby hid for her and decorating cakes, or should I say eating candy?

Once they got home, we played in the backyard until dark and just enjoyed the beautiful night. A perfect way to end a great day. Thank you Lord for all of our blessings, and for giving us your only son. We are all so fortunate.

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