Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This afternoon we walked the kids up to the neighborhood park for our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. All of the little ones arrived with their baskets and were chomping at the bit to load them up with stuffed eggs (our two included).

However, when the hunt began, Bennett & Preston got a slow start. Preston was more interested in the contents of each of his eggs. In fact, he opened up each one before he proceeded to the next one.

Bennett was just not an assertive hunter. She is much more curious with her surroundings and what everyone else is doing.

She was much happier with the treats after the hunt (cookies and lemonade), then the work of hunting for the eggs.

After their snacks, we played at the park for a little while, visited with the Easter Bunny and then came home. It was a beautiful spring day and I think the kids had a fun time.

More photos coming soon with the Easter Bunny...Steve took our camera home before he arrived and a friend had to take the photos.

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