Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Parties 2011

This morning (after only 2 hrs of being at school), I needed to cut my day short and return to the kid's school for their Easter parties. Unfortunately the two parties began at the same time, so I elected to spend time with Pres at his party since I have been attending Bennett's for the past few years and I knew her party would last longer.

Preston's class ate lunch first, and my picky little eater elected to only drink his juice box and eat his veggie chips and a cupcake. Pathetic, huh? I know, I does this child grow!? Well, he is still consuming milk, yogurt, baby food and lots of crackers with an occasional serving of bacon and pressed chicken...yummy, right?

I am trying not to worry since he is a happy, healthy boy, but I am choosing to not focus on this for this blog post. After lunch, all of the mothers and kids waited in the hall while the teachers hid all of the Easter eggs in their classroom (since it was raining, we couldn't go outside). I gave Pres a pep talk about being assertive with the egg search, and he acted excited. However, once we entered the room, he got distracted (imagine that) with the first egg he found that happened to be in the shape of a football. He was so excited. He then decided to only "hunt" specific eggs....footballs and soccer balls. After much coaxing, he finally grabbed a few plain eggs and threw them in his bag.

After a couple of photos of Pres with his buddies, he was ready to leave, so we walked down the hall to Bennett's class party.

Once we got to Bennett's class, her party was in full swing. They had already had their Easter egg hunt and eaten lunch. She was just sitting down for her dessert, which was coincidentally the same thing that Preston's class had. Both mothers who volunteered to bring in the dessert made darling cupcakes with shaved coconut on top (made to look like a nest) with marshmallow birds and jelly bean eggs. And both of my kids quit eating once they got to the coconut (who can blame them many kids like coconut?). I felt bad because Bennett's class was much more vocal about disliking it and asked to have it removed, or the kids just tossed them in the garbage. So much hard work wasted....

Oh well, they certainly didn't have any remorse over it and happily moved onto singing. One of the moms sang a cute little Easter song that the kids repeated and acted out. Then they headed to the gym where they let out some of their pent up energy riding bikes and running around.

After much coaxing, I convinced the kids to leave so they could go home and go through their loot.

Now they are out of school until Monday, so keep a look out for more blog posts of our doings over the long weekend!

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