Friday, April 15, 2011

Moments I Don't Want to Forget

Staying at home and being a mommy "full-time" can be so challenging sometimes. However, if I didn't stay at home and spend so much time with my kids I would miss out on sweet moments like this (that I don't want to forget):

1. One morning I went to take the garbage out and closed the door behind me so the dog and the kids would stay inside. As I was walking back up, Preston was standing at the door with his little arm around Spencer. Steve said that he told Spencer when I was outside "It's okay buddy, she'll be right back."

2. Whenever Bennett gets her nails painted or gets all dressed up, she goes to Preston and shows him, and he inevitably always says "You look beautiful" in his sweet little voice.

3. I recently received a new CD, one that my Emmaus folks recorded about a year ago that is filled with the beautiful Christian music we sang all weekend. I was so excited to receive it that I have been listening to it all week, and of course, singing the words out loud. The other night Bennett got in the car and asked if we could listen to "We're going to see the king." The actual name of the song is "Soon and Very Soon," but I knew what she meant and I happily put it in. What pleased me more was watching her in my rearview mirror singing the song out loud with me.

4. For those that know me well this won't surprise you, but I love the fact that my 2 & 3 year old children always use coasters for their sippy cups in our house.

5. I love when my children are slightly tired and say something completely silly (that may not make any sense), and they laugh. In fact, the one may laugh so hard that it makes the other laugh and then they can't stop, which causes me to laugh. It is these moments when I tell them they are delirious, which makes them laugh again.

Good times.....

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