Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pre-Easter Celebration

Saturday afternoon Brian and Shannon and the kids came over for a little pre-Easter celebrating. We let the kids dye eggs, then had an Easter egg hunt with some plastic stuffed eggs, and lastly had dinner. The four kids have so much fun together and it is always crazy to watch them all interact and play.

Surprisingly, the egg hunt went well. There weren't any tears and the kids respected each other. We told Christian and Bennett that they had to leave the obvious ones in the grass for Pres and Hen (and they did). Then I was surprised to see Bennett and Christian trading eggs and helping each other (see for yourself in the video). Pres started off chasing after Christian, but quickly learned that he was gathering them all up and leaving none for him. Henley wasn't too assertive with the egg collection, and once she had a sufficient amount, she stopped and started eating the candy (that girl has a sweet tooth).

The colored eggs, before the kids decorated them with stickers.

Ready, set, go! And they were off......

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