Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This morning Steve and I headed over to watch Christian play t-ball. Steve had not been to see him yet, and wanted to before his season ended. Since Steve played baseball as a child, he loved seeing all of the little boys out there. We heard the Easter bunny is bringing Pres a glove and ball, so Steve is excited to get out in the yard with him.

My brother, Brian, is doing a great job coaching. All of the kids look to be having a good time, and I think they have actually improved a little since a few weeks ago. I saw a couple of kids actually catch balls in their glove, and they hustled out in the field to catch the ones that they missed.

Christian had a couple of good hits, and ran the bases like a champ (even though he could barely see through his huge helmet). When in the field, he had good form and certainly looked ready to jump on any ball that came his way.

In a couple of short years, this will be what our Saturday mornings look like....hanging at the ball field (and I can't wait!).

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