Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Explain This!

Explain how a kid who survives (on a typical day) eating 6 cans of stage 2 baby food, 1 yogurt, water, assorted crackers, veggie chips and 20 oz of milk can be in the 60th percentile in weight for his age! I was shocked when I plotted his weight and height on a chart after being measured today. He is in the 50th percentile for height....average, which is what I would expect.

Lately, I have been ridiculed by a couple of friends for still feeding him baby food. What they don't understand is the kid is stubborn with a capital "S" and refuses to eat anything but soft foods, with the exception of what I call "filler foods" like: chips, crackers, rice cakes, etc. Every blue moon I can get him to eat bacon, and he'll eat McDonald's french fries and chicken nuggets, but no real chicken (only the frozen pressed kind).

He had reflux as an infant, throwing up so much throughout the day that he could not be without a bib, and he went through about 5 a day. In addition, I was known for having yellow stains on my left shoulder of every t-shirt I wore, and when I was wearing something nicer, I ALWAYS had a burp cloth on my shoulder. He was never an unhappy colicky baby, but more of a happy barfer. As a toddler this has turned into a huge texture aversion.

I have asked our pediatrician about this numerous times, but since he continues to grow and is happy and otherwise healthy...he isn't concerned. Since I am typically not an overly worried parent, I have not been either. However, the past few weeks he has complained that his neck hurts when he is eating....which immediately leads to him throwing up. It starts with him gagging a little when he is eating, then he rubs his throat, then says it hurts, then throws up! I encourage him to drink water in between bites, which has helped cut down on the times he throws up a week (yes, he throws up multiple times a week), but it hasn't stopped it altogether.

After talking to a friend about my concerns, I do believe he needs to be consulted by a specialist for a second opinion....just to make sure. I would never forgive myself if he has something really wrong with him and I ignored it. Deep down, I am hoping that it is all a mental thing. Steve didn't eat but a handful of foods until he was 8 or 10, so he does come by it honestly. It is just so difficult to understand, considering what a great eater Bennett is and always has been (and I really didn't think I did anything differently).

Anyway, I would love any feedback from you readers, but I am consulting another pediatrician in our practice in 2 weeks and getting her opinion on a specialist in the area.


Kelley said...

I've seen a total difference in my two as to one being a great eater and the other not so much. Hudson went through a phase of throwing up with tomato foods, we got a reflux prescription, but I think he may have taken it only once.
I say get the 2nd opinion, the more info you gather, the better decisions you can make for Preston. It could certainly be a reflux issue, it may be a gag reflex issue or he may just be a picky eater, especially since Steve was.
Keep us posted!

Joy said...

Wow...what you describe sounds just like Lawson. He has a real hang up with textures of food! He will eat chicken nuggets (but only certain types).
Lawson's MeMe

Chelsea said...

Wow, that is weird. Wyatt was a big puker too and so was my brother as a kid. Mostly because they didn't chew their food enough before swallowing and always talked with their mouths full.

Remember Jen had that surgery to have her esophagus "stretched". She was always gagging on stuff. She could never eat beef without throwing up.

Hopefully it's just a phase, but never hurts just to talk to the doc to rule some things out and get piece of mind that you're not missing anything. Keep me posted!