Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just a Funny Story

Now for the story told by Steve....

Last week, we went out for dinner last minute and decided to hit Chili's for something different. Following dinner I went to the restroom to wash my hands. When I returned to the table Bennett said she needed to go potty. So Daddy was selected to take her. As we entered the restroom a rather large man who looked like he just polished off a slab of baby back ribs was exiting. We walked into the first stall and I proceeded to tell Ms.B not to touch anything. As I am in the process of placing toilet paper on the seat, the questions start coming...

BCM: "Daddy, is this where you went potty?"

SCM: "No Bennett"

BCM: "Daddy, did you go poo-poo?"

SCM: "No Bennett"

BCM: "It's really stinky in here"

I have to admit that I was trying my best to hold it together at this point!

SCM: "It's ok Bennett, just don't touch anything. Hurry up and go potty and we can leave."

BCM: "I don't think I need to go potty anymore. I can wait until we get home. Daddy, let's get out of here now."

SCM: "Are you sure Honey?"

BCM: "Daddy, let's leave. It's too stinky."

Now from Julie's perspective...when they quickly returned to the table I asked how it was (since it was Bennett's first time going in a public restroom with her Daddy). Steve then proceeded to tell me the story, which made me laugh so hard I cried. We all know this has happened to us at one time or another, so that is why we decided to post.

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Chelsea said...

Hilarious! Kids sure speak the truth, don't they? That will teach her to use the stinky mens' room. hehe Maybe next time she'll pick mommy to take her. :)