Friday, May 20, 2011

Last Day of School

Years ago when I attended school, I would start to get sad as the final days approached. Sad because I wouldn't see my friends regularly, or when I was in college, sad because my friends or I would be leaving Dallas for the summer. Now as a parent of a young child, I am sad because I am losing my 12 hours of free time each week.

I know I shouldn't be sad. I know they grow up quickly and I should be excited to spend more time with them, but it is requires a lot of planning to keep an almost 4 year old and 2.5 year old busy for 3 whole months. You can only go to the pool so much before you grow tired of the sun and chlorine.

So, I have been busy trying to find activities to keep my precious ones busy for the next 103 days (I told you it is a long summer). Fortunately things are coming together nicely, and I feel pretty good about the next three months. We plan to keep busy playing at the gym nursery, taking swim lessons, doing summer school for 3 weeks, swimming at the pool, visiting the zoo and McWane Science Center, going on two beach trips (one with friends and one with my extended family), going to the lake, participating in a church camp and doing 2 weeks of zoo camp!! Sounds pretty good, huh? I hope all of the activities keep the kids happy and me sane....cause the Lord knows how I like my routines.

This past year has been a great one for the kids. They have really enjoyed "school." Preston has grown up so much over the past year: speaking more clearly, becoming more of a dare devil, and actually making friends. It is always fun to see how 2 year olds begin to play with other kids, rather than just by themselves. He really likes his teachers too, Ms Lisa and Ms Morgan, and they couldn't have been more loving towards my sweet boy.

Bennett also had a lot of fun. She made some new friends, got closer with older ones and did a lot of artwork! Her teacher, Ms Ginny, gave the kids the best year-end gift...a laminated collection of artwork they have done throughout the year. It was so nice to flip through the booklet of art and see her progression of skills. It was also a bit relieving to me. You see Bennett would come home each day with paint on her hands or clothing, but only rarely would I get to see this artwork she was creating. She would always tell me it was drying at school, but then it would never be sent in her bag later. I asked Ms Ginny about it once, and she assured me that she was doing creative stuff with the kids and I would eventually see it. I guess today was that day! Since I love saving things I think the kids will enjoy looking back at through the years, this was a wonderful addition to Bennett's box of memories.

Thanks to the three fabulous ladies who hugged and cared for our children and helped teach them three days a week over the past year! Our children have flourished and LOVED going to school! What more could you ask for as a parent, right?!

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