Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

This Memorial Day weekend we decided to head to Smith Lake with Steve's family. Since we hadn't been up there in two years, we were way overdue and in need to hang with all the family. We drove up Friday morning so we could pack in 3.5 full days! We got settled in and put the kids down for a short nap before everyone else started trickling in that day. Then we all went down to the pier and swam some before dinner. The kids started off a little scared, but quickly got more brave and within 30 minutes Preston was jumping off the pier to me! Bennett still needed some coaxing, but did pretty good.

That night we ate, drank and caught frogs! The kids were out playing and realized that the playground area was inundated with little frogs. I was shocked, but Bennett reached down and tried to catch them herself (she usually is more timid with things like this).

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day and we literally baked in the sun all day long. Steve and I reapplied sunscreen over 5 times each, but still walked away red and burned in some areas. That night we had Michelle's birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Aunt Shell)! Sunday, we were smarter and put out the large tent so we could have some shade. That tent was Spencer and my saving grace....we hid underneath it all day (unless we were on the waverunner or in the water)! We all had a blast, and it was like pulling teeth to get the kids to come inside. Bennett flat out refused Sunday afternoon to come in and bath, claiming that she was washing off in the lake. Steve ultimately just bathed her in the lake!

Overall, it was a great weekend with our family! Thanks Mimi and Papa!!

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Chelsea said...

Cute pics. Love the naked bum one. Those are priceless. Bennett looks like she's having such a great time with the big girl cousins. So sweet!